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TikTok ads are ideal for driving sales, community growth, brand awareness, and engagement.

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Direct response UGC ads will reduce your cost per acquisition.

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You can expand your presence & conversions with TikTok Ads Management, one of social media’s fastest-growing platforms.

Managing TikTok Ads

Client, website and industry understanding
It’s super important that we understand what you do and how your industry operates. That’s why we ask you some key questions to make sure you’re able to get the most out of your TikTok Ads. We also assess the competition, take the good stuff and steer clear of the bad.
Detailed target market and keyword research
We need to get your TikTok Ads in front of the right people, using the 1,000s of targeting options available to us. That’s why we go into overdrive with researching which targeting is best for you while focusing on creatives to help us with the targeting.
Quality account structure
The foundation of a successful TikTok Ad account is a top quality account structure. This is why we plan out your campaigns, ad groups/sets, targeting and ads in advance. We’ll also take into account potential expansion in the future, as one of our main goals is to scale your TikTok ads to greater heights.
Your TikTok ads need to be on point to get people clicking. We’ll source the creators based on your demographic, negotiate the rates & manage the video deliverables for you. We’ll work with you to create eye-catching adverts, that align with your brand messaging and that are sure to deliver the goods.
Frequent results driven optimisation
We don’t just set up and forget your campaigns. It’s essential for us to keep pushing them forward and devising new strategies to increase and scale the performance of your paid social ads. There are many ways we can do this, whether it be by adding new audiences or new creatives tweaking ad copy.
Useful reports and collaborative meetings
You’ll want to understand what’s going on and that’s why we tell you in easy to digest reports. What’s more is that we’ll go through the reports with you in a collaborative meeting, which will highlight areas that are working well to expand upon and possibly the parts that aren’t working as well to improve upon.


We must understand what you do and how your industry operates. We ask you some questions to ensure you can make the most of your TikTok Ads. Our company also assesses the competition, selects the best of the best and avoids the weak stuff.


TikTok Ads need to be seen by the right people, so we'll use the 1,000s of targeting options we have available. To achieve the best possible match, we conduct in-depth research to determine what type of targeting will be most effective for you while focusing on creatives to assist us.


You need a good account structure to have a successful TikTok Ad account. We can accomplish this by planning out campaigns, ad groups, and sets in advance, as well as targeting and ads. We will also consider potential future expansions since one of our primary goals is to increase the reach and profitability of your TikTok ads.


Ads on TikTok must be relevant and compelling to attract users. By working with us, you can find video creators relevant to your demographic, negotiate their rates, and manage the delivery of the videos. As part of our offering, we will work closely with you to create eye-catching advertisements that reflect your brand messaging and deliver the results you are looking for.


In addition to setting up and managing your campaigns, we also monitor them. Increasing and scaling the performance of your paid social ads requires us to continue pushing them forward. Add new audiences or modify ad copy in many ways to achieve this.


Our goal is to develop new strategies and maximise the performance of your paid search ads. The return on paid search can be significantly increased by adding new keywords, removing keywords, tweaking ad copy, and layering on advanced targeting; there are many ways to achieve this.


To understand what's happening, we provide you with easy-to-understand reports. The reports will be reviewed with you in a collaborative meeting, highlighting areas working well to expand upon and possibly parts needing improvement.

TikTok Ad Audit - Request A Free Report

Using our TikTok Ads audit, you can determine what is working well and what needs improvement to get more ROI from your TikTok PPC. Send us your details, and one of our TikTok Ads agency specialists will contact you.

Team Members

We’re the TikTok Ad Agency you need to succeed on TikTok Ads. Leads & sales will be generated for your business by our A Player Team. The TikTok Ad Management that we provide is world-class and conversion-focused.

Lisa Baker
Head Of Strategy

Sobia Khan
Growth Marketing Specialist

Samantha karen
PPC Specialist

Phil Pejic
Klaviyo Ecommerce Marketing Expert

Ibrahim ET
Paid Media Manager

Tom Rozee
Founder & Ecommerce / Paid Media Strategist

dimi z
Creative Strategist

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