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Luno Life is a pioneering outdoor brand that’s all about the freedom of four wheels. They offer a range of outdoor products designed to inspire spontaneous adventures, dirt road explorations, and everything in between. As the first company dedicated exclusively to car camping, Luno Life is redefining comfort and convenience in the great outdoors.

The Challenge:

Luno Life’s mission was clear: to encourage outdoor enthusiasts to embark on spontaneous adventures while ensuring maximum comfort and convenience during car camping experiences. The challenge was to boost their revenue and online presence while facing competition in the outdoor gear market. Luno Life sought to stand out and become a trusted industry leader in the niche of car camping.

Strategic Approach to Revenue Growth:

Building the Foundation: Aligning with Key Business Metrics

Our strategy began by focusing on essential business metrics that were pivotal for Luno Life’s growth:

MER (Marketing Efficiency Ratio): To gauge the effectiveness of our marketing spend in driving revenue.

CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost): Analyzing the costs involved in acquiring new customers.

NCAC (New Customer Acquisition Cost): Concentrating on reducing the expenses associated with attracting new customers.

LTV (Lifetime Value): Understanding the long-term revenue potential from each customer.

AOV (Average Order Value): Aiming to increase the average spending amount per customer.

CVR (Conversion Rate): Enhancing the rate at which visitors to the website become paying customers.


Innovative Audience Engagement and Market Exploration:

Facebook Creatives Optimisation: We embarked on a journey to optimise Facebook creatives, aiming to appeal to a broader audience, including those unfamiliar with the concept of car camping. This involved creating engaging content that educated and intrigued, using a combination of storytelling and visually captivating imagery.

Landing Page Optimisation: Recognising the importance of first impressions, we optimised landing pages to cater to the newly targeted audience segments. These pages were designed to be informative, visually appealing, and user-friendly, ensuring a seamless transition from interest to action.

Google Ads Revenue: Leveraging Google Ads, Luno Life achieved a 30% revenue increase by optimising campaigns for high performance. We targeted relevant keywords and refined ad copies to attract potential customers actively seeking outdoor gear.

Facebook Revenue Growth: A comprehensive Facebook advertising strategy led to a significant 20% increase in revenue. We crafted visually appealing ads, targeting specific demographics and interests to engage a broader audience.

Shopify Platform Enhancement: Recognising the power of a seamless e-commerce experience, we improved Shopify’s user interface, leading to a 20% increase in orders. Enhancements included streamlining navigation, optimising product displays, and simplifying the checkout process.

Conversion Rate Optimisation: Focused efforts on website design and messaging led to a 10% increase in conversion rates, turning more visitors into loyal customers.


The Results:

The strategic initiatives undertaken by Luno Life resulted in impressive outcomes:

30% Increase in Google Ads Revenue: The refined Google Ads campaigns significantly contributed to sales and revenue growth.

20% Uplift in Facebook Revenue: Our Facebook advertising strategy successfully expanded Luno Life’s customer base, leading to a notable increase in revenue.

20% Growth in Shopify Orders: The improvements in the Shopify experience resulted in higher order volumes and enhanced customer satisfaction.

10% Boost in Conversion Rate: Our website optimization efforts effectively converted a higher percentage of visitors into customers.

Services Provided

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Creatives Guidance
  • Email Guidance
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation Guidance