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Rozee Digital Helps Brands Add An Extra $41K-$230k/Month To Their Bottom Line in 90 Days Or Less Without Revenue Yo-Yos.

We’re a team of digital marketing experts who utilise omnichannel digital strategy & ad creatives to scale your eCommerce brand to 7, 8 figures and beyond.

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How Hampden Clothing Saw A 45% Increase In Revenue While Achieving Blended ROAS Of 11.57x.

How We Helped Paperlike Decrease Facebook CPA From 21.63€ in May to 14.45€ in October 2021.

205% Increase In Revenue For Midori Bikini a Sustainable Swimwear Brand.

How We Helped Boys Get Sad Too Increase Revenue By 86% In 6 Months.

How We Helped Bioglow To Increase Revenue By 100% In 6 Months.

How We Helped Tach Luggage Increase Revenue By 45% In 6 Months.


“Rozee Digital had an amazing approach and they drove results. We saw a month-on-month growth in terms of revenue and a 107% increase in conversion rate in 90 days. “

John, Founder


Tach Luggage

Wish you could get your product into the hands of more consumers?​

Look, we get it. You have an amazing brand with an amazing product that you need to get into the hands of more potential customers. You’re probably agonising over which audiences or keywords will convert. You’re probably also looking for some magical ad account strategy to fix your increasing CPAs – all the while watching other, brands rise to glory. We’ve seen this all before.

Marketing to consumers doesn’t have to be this tough.

Book a Growth Strategy Call and we’ll outline how Rozee Digital can end your digital marketing frustrations. It’s free. You’ve got nothing to lose…

Your Return On Investment
Is What Matters

We know there is no such thing as a typical client. Some are new to paid advertising and are haemorrhaging cash with no conversions to show for it. Some have been running ad campaigns themselves for sometime and have realised just how time consuming they can be, diverting their attention away from running the company. And others are struggling to scale their advertising campaigns.

We’ve successfully overcome problems such as competition, budgetary constraints, poor leads and scaling problems, for clients across a large spectrum of industry, ranging from Direct-To-Consumer, E-Commerce and Service Based Businesses. 

The only thing we care about in your business, is your return on investment.

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Team Who Loves Getting Our Clients Results

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We Solve Real Problems

What Can We Do For You?​

We’ll develop your customer journey funnel to take an ice-cold prospect to a highly motivated buyer to a raving fan, who actively promotes your business. We focus on a data-driven, omnichannel marketing approach. We buy traffic across all performance channels and use Conversion Rate Optimisation to maximise the value of each click we bring by focusing on conversion rate and average order value. Our tailored service has generated competition-crushing returns for our clients. We could do it for you too.


Facebook Advertising 

Facebook, Instagram

Google Advertising

Search, Shopping, Display,


Paid Channels

Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok

Email marketing

Welcome, Abandoned Cart,

Retention, Upsells

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Home Page, Product/Category

Pages, Checkout Process



Ads, Branding, Email

Marketing Funnels

Customer Journey Funnel

Landing Pages

Lead Gen, Email Sign Ups,

Products Pages


Shopify, WooCommerce UX



How it works

We don’t just set up campaigns and hope for the best. We work through our proven 6-step process.


We can’t build you the optimal growth strategy without effectively diagnosing where existing problems lie. We dig deep into your brand and take a close look at your data to understand exactly what is and isn’t working and where new opportunities lie.


We ensure that all your integrations, tracking and analytics are set up correctly and ready for the flood of traffic we plan on sending your way, so we can then make reliable data-driven decisions.


Launch Ads, accumulate data, identify your best-performing campaigns, keywords, audiences, ads, creatives, optimise for performance and establish target metrics throughout your ad account funnel in preparation to scale.


We find out what stages of the funnel, user flows or form elements are responsible for the largest traffic drop offs. We identify key user struggles/objections and technical issues that are barriers to conversion. We then deploy the winning variation to the site.


We analyse your checkout process to determine why customers are leaving items in their shopping baskets. We take this data and analyse it to design a purchasing strategy to reduce the number of lost sales due to cart abandonment enabling you to increase average order amounts and therefore total revenue.


Achieving your KPI targets. We have your revenue targets and understand your required growth curves based on performance and available inventory – it’s time to start increasing ad spend to drive your brand toward its revenue goals.

But it all starts with a call...

Book your free growth strategy call today and together we will identify what you need to do to improve your brand sales right away! 

Not a sleazy sales call!

Scale While Easily Maintaining Profitability.

It’s well known that the return on ad spend decreases when you scale your ads up, which becomes a problem very fast. When we bring on a new client that issue is immediately eliminated. We know that revenue is irrelevant if you aren’t profitable, it’s all about how much you can take home.

Fortunately for you, we’re experts in both. So book a call and let’s discuss your plans for scale and growth.

We’re here to be your trusted advisors on your digital growth journey.

I’m Ready To Scale

Rozee Digital Can Help you Out

We guarantee a consistent thought framework that focuses on your bottom line. And helps you make an extra $30K-$230K a month.

Our Full-Service Growth teams combine multiple channels and services under a single, profit-focused strategy.

That’s because sustainable growth happens when you’re taking the health of your entire business into account, not just the ROI of a single channel.

(By the way…you need to know this: multi channel & UGCs is a BIG thing for eCommerce growth and NOT focusing on one single channel. Rozee Digital just so happens to know how to do that *wink*)

We only do Paid Ads, CRO & UGCs for eCommerce brands but we’re pretty, prettttty, prettttttttty good at it.



Why Choose Us To Be Your Little Dirty Secret

As an agency, your customers are our priority. We treat them as one of our own and we always do what’s best for your relationship with them. We’re focused on managing your budget with the correct level of oversight, as our priority is your revenue and your returns. We do this by focusing on the right metrics and KPIs that you need to grow your eCommerce business revenue and profit. When we say, you’re in good hands, we mean it.

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