How We Helped Girl Tribe Co Increase Revenue By 60% Increase In 2022.

Increase In Order

Increase In AOV

Increase In Traffic

The Client:

Girl Tribe Girly is a boutique fashion brand focusing on trendy clothing that looks fab and affordable.

Client Goals:

  • 3x ROAS whilst increasing revenue.
  • Scale past their monthly budget, as their previous agency struggled to scale further.
  • Adapt existing assets to produce direct-response paid social creatives, as well as implement fresh creative ideas and strategies to enable scaling.
  • Create and implement a blended ROAS model to aid post-iOS performance tracking.
  • Improve email marketing performance to increase lifetime value and generate more revenue from flows.

What We Did:

The first thing our Paid Social team did was make sure a full-funnel strategy was implemented at the top, middle, and bottom of the funnel with the proper ad set exclusions in place.

The in-house team at Girl Tribe Co. was then tasked with producing and editing assets specifically for the platform’s requirements and best practices while the Rozee Digital team was in charge of overseeing the creative strategy.

Finding audiences and figuring out how to target them came next. We set up the funnel and campaign structure as follows:

To scale on TikTok & Meta, we added performance UGCs so that we can acquire 8 new creatives each month.

We also assisted Girl Tribe Co in strengthening their email marketing campaigns and flows so that we could concentrate on growing aggressively while knowing that emails would bring back customers and encourage them to make additional purchases.

The Results:


  • Total Revenue increased by 60%
  • Total Media Spend increased by 149.3%
  • Blended ROAS: 3.27x
  • Increased email revenue as % of total business from 14% to 22% (Jan to June, vs. P90D)
  • Increased monthly flow revenue from $3.7K (Jan to June), to $9.8K (Jan to June, vs. P90D)
  • Increase average email campaign revenue from $607 to $960 (+58%)