Alp N Rock's Success Story: A Staggering 262% Revenue Growth, 552% Uplift in New Customer Earnings, 121% ROAS Boost, and 25% Cut in Acquisition Costs

Increase In New Customer Revenue

Increase In Ad Spend Across Meta & Google

Increase In Blended ROAS


In an ambitious 4 month initiative, we dramatically transformed Alp N Rock’s e-commerce approach. 

Our comprehensive strategy not only catapulted ad performance but also refined their creative and feedback processes, leading to an unprecedented growth in revenue and market presence.

Challenges Tackled:

  • Suboptimal ad spend allocation across different platforms.
  • Low conversion rates paired with high customer acquisition costs.
  • Stagnant sales figures and average order value.

Strategic Overhaul:

Creative Strategy Enhancement: We reinvented Alp N Rock’s creative direction, focusing on powerful visuals and messages that truly connected with their audience.

Optimizing Ad Performance: Rigorous A/B testing and analysis refined the performance of both Facebook and Google Ads, maximizing reach and efficiency.

Robust Feedback Mechanisms: We established dynamic feedback channels, allowing for continual strategy refinement based on real-time data and consumer insights.

The Results:

Our strategy resulted in remarkable achievements:

Explosive Sales Growth: Sales soared by 261%.

Strategic Ad Investment: Ad spend rose by 195%.

Conversion Mastery: Conversion rates doubled, increasing by 103%.

Volume Amplification: Order volume escalated by 135%.

Value Enhancement: Average Order Value (AOV) climbed by 39%.

ROAS Optimization: Overall ROAS surged by 81%, with Facebook ROAS up by 98% and Google Ad ROAS leaping by 132%.

Efficiency Gains: NCPA dropped by 25%, showcasing a leaner acquisition cost.

New Customer Boom: Revenue from new customers skyrocketed by 552%.

The Journey with Alp N Rock:

From the onset, we viewed our collaboration with Alp N Rock not just as a client engagement but as a partnership for mutual growth.

Our team immersed itself in understanding Alp N Rock’s ethos and market dynamics, aligning our strategies with their core values and goals.

As Alp N Rock’s trusted digital marketing ally, we’re continually refining and scaling their strategies to new heights.

Our journey together is a testament to our commitment to not just meet but exceed our clients’ expectations, driving growth and profitability in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

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