Grow More Local Conversions With Our PPC Agency In Sussex

When organisations first start using paid advertising for their Sussex-based businesses, they frequently get unimpressive results. 

This results from extremely competitive keywords and smaller audiences, frequently leading to firms paying whatever it takes to rank their ad #1 or resigning themselves to poor click-through rates and low traffic volumes.

The truth is, it’s usually just a matter of fine tweaking a few details of your ads. Brands who can’t make local business PPC frequently work just conclude it’s “not for them.”

If you know how to target the right local audiences exactly, your PPC ads can significantly grow your conversions and increase your revenue. Ensure that you don’t flip tables out of frustration or leave money on the table by optimising your ads to local searches, and you could employ experts like Rozee Digital to get the job done right.  

Know Your Way Around PPC

PPC, or pay-per-click, is a type of online advertising where advertisers place ads on a platform like Google Adwords and are charged each time a user clicks on them.

You may find advertisements at the top of the search results page on Google.

Common Types Of PPC

PPC advertising fell under a broad area encompassing a wide range of platforms and paid media. However, Google Ads and Social Media Advertising are the categories  most PPC ad campaigns fall under.

Google PPC Ads

In a PPC campaign, you provide Google with any amount you choose in exchange for them to place adverts for your website above and to the right of the organic search results. 

You deduct the current Cost Per Click (CPC) from your budget each time someone clicks on your advertisement. Once a full budget has been used until you add more money to your account, Google stops running your advertisements

Google Ads come in various forms, such as Search Ads, Shopping Ads, Local Search Ads, Display Ads, and Remarketing.

Social Media Marketing

Social media advertising is a form of digital marketing that involves sending sponsored advertisements to your target audience through social networks. Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and Youtube ads fall under this category.

Ads on social media are a quick and efficient approach to reaching your target audience and expanding your marketing initiatives.

Remarketing Ads

A remarketing campaign displays advertisements to users who have previously visited your website. Remarketing is a particularly successful PPC strategy because the user has already expressed interest in your company. 

It is frequently utilised to re-engage clients on the verge of leaving the sales funnel or to upsell or cross-sell more products to your current clientele.

5 Elements Of PPC

PPC are more complicated than many marketers realise, as we’ve witnessed. A PPC campaign consists of multiple parts:

The Campaign – The campaign itself is at the top of the hierarchy. You could  establish a marketing initiative with a seasonal theme.

The Ad group – is a collection of advertisements connected to a campaign. One ad group, for instance, might be focused on joke presents for a holiday party. Another group connected to holiday cards may exist.

Keywords – The keywords you use for your ad group should be pertinent. Google will use keyword relevance when deciding where to position ads (more on this in a bit).

Ad Text – You should use enticing text to entice viewers to click it. When writing Google ad content, it’s typically better to get the assistance of a professional copywriter.

Landing Page – When someone clicks on your advertisement, they “land” on your landing page. It must be pertinent to your keywords as well.

Getting The Most Out Of PPC

PPC can be simple to implement, but if you don’t follow the fundamental rules, you could end up in trouble. You should be able to start a successful PPC campaign that will drive more traffic to your website by taking a look at these useful tips.

Determine Your Goals Before Creating A Campaign

Take into account the specific activity you want your searchers to perform. This could involve contacting your business, going to a landing page, completing an online form, making a purchase, or finding out more about your offerings. 

How will this be measured?

The best method is to keep track of your conversion rates. Additionally, you can determine the success of your PPC marketing efforts when you are aware of the ultimate objective of your campaign.

Use Automation

If your ad testing, bidding, reporting, and other procedures are well established, you should document them. This can include various things, like scheduling PPC advertising, stopping low-performing keywords, managing budgets, arranging bids, and more. You can automate them after they’ve been recorded.

Trust the Process

It takes time for campaigns to do their magic properly. Don’t give up after a month and think that’s the worst that can happen. It is worth the extra time to acquire the data, analyse it, and optimise a Google ads campaign. A PPC agency can help in this situation.

Get A PPC Agency to Optimise Your Campaigns

When analysing an ad campaign with certainly missed possibilities, companies like Rozee Digital can uncover low-hanging fruit. 

PPC experts with experience, like us, can review, optimise, and ultimately lower your CPC (cost per click) and increase conversions by adjusting campaigns, landing pages, web design, and other elements.

Utilise The Best PPC Agency In Sussex

As you see, you can use several methods to get the best chance possible to rank your ads on top of Google search results. However, it’s crucial to understand that each campaign is unique, which means that a marketing strategy may work for some and might not work for you.

That’s why here at Rozee Digital, we take time to understand the needs of the clients we work with and use these needs in creating a custom-tailored PPC strategy that is effective for the company. 

Working with us can take your Sussex-based business to the top of search results. Hence, luring more local customers to your site.

If you’re still in doubt, why not read our case studies and have them speak on us?


If there’s something you should remember before bouncing out of this post: when it comes to PPC, you shouldn’t do it alone.

Without expert advice, there are simply too many ways to lose money when you engage in online advertising.

Find a business that can work with you on ad copy, bidding techniques, and testing while helping you identify the optimal ad network for your brand. Additionally, do an extensive competitor study before you begin.

You’ve put a lot of money into developing your company. When you want to promote online, keep it profitable by working with a trustworthy PPC firm like Rozee Digital. Get in touch with us.


How much does it cost to run a PPC campaign?

PPC cost might differ based on a number of variables, including your sector or ad network. 

Even though budgets vary, greatly, small and mid-sized businesses typically spend between $15,000 and $20,000 per month on PPC campaigns, with an average cost-per-click (CPC) of $2.59.

Why should I work with a PPC Agency in Sussex?

By working with a PPC agency like ours, you can be sure that a professional will look after your campaigns. Their job is to be experts in their field. As a result, you’ll receive higher-quality service, and your advertisements will work better overall.

How do I find the best PPC Agency in Sussex?

You can search for the best PPC companies in Sussex. But it’s crucial to find a partner you can work well with who suits your market, offers the correct combination of PPC services and is the perfect size for you. 

The key to success is finding a digital marketing agency that will become “infected” with what you do and be enthusiastic about your achievements. 

Look for someone who can analyse all the information and decide how to improve your current marketing campaign and long-term plans.

When looking for a PPC company in Sussex that you can trust, look no further than Rozee Digital. 

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