90% Increase In Revenue For Sweat & Milk Whilst Increasing Blended ROAS.

Increase In Orders

Increase In Revenue

Increase In Net Profit


In this article, we’re going to share our honest case study of what it took us to transform this eCommerce business from averaging 40-60k/MO to $120K months in 4 months. ‍All this with ROAS of 4.34x.

We will cover what brought results, our preparations, planning, core steps, and key media buying strategies we’ve used to make this happen.

‍We tell you all this because we believe in honesty and openness. There are way too many “gurus” or “one-man agencies” who paint unrealistic pictures. Get the client and fail to deliver.

The Problem:

To help Sweat & Milk improve their marketing performance, which will allow them to generate more cash flow to allow them to buy more inventory, so we can scale them from averaging 40-60k/MO to close to 2x that – 120k/MO. All this while improving their blended ROAS of 2x.

(Fun fact, this is often the most significant problem fast-growing eCommerce retailers are having. They lack the cash flow to fund the needed stock levels for rapid scaling. There are ways around it, but it always takes a bit of time to get loans and credits arranged.)

The Solution:

Sweat & Milk was experiencing a decrease in ROAS, total sales declining and the owner didn’t have enough time to manage the herself. Rozee Digital needed to figure out a way to increase ad performance (ROAS/CPA) at a profitable margin to allow Sweat & Milk to buy more stock. 


Our Process:

Now let us explain how getting these results works…

‍We started to work with this client quite a few months back, but we haven’t been able to try to scale higher than +120k/month due to stock issues.

Now, this meant that we had a few months to “maintain the scale based on inventory left,” some months, it was below average, and sometimes more.

But the secret to getting these results was utilizing this time for preparation. We’ve tested a dozen creatives, sales, ad account structures, and funnel changes.

We did over 150+ smaller and bigger tests. ‍And by the time they received a new stock – we knew the best combinations: best creatives, and the best account structures for this account like the back of our hand.

Creative Content Development – We were able to take existing videos that were yielding diminishing results for the brand and revamp them to target our ideal customer. Using a data-based approach, we were able to create a new selling point for the brand. The angles we chose followed a problem/solution ad approach that resonated well with Sweat & Milk’s core consumers.

Leverage Articles – A popular method of researching nursing bras is reading articles that gave the customer the reasons why they need to be using a sports nursing bra or things to know when getting back in shape while breastfeeding with a quiz to allow the user to find their ideal bra.

Knowing we were going after a some what informed audience, we sourced an article titled: 7 Things to Know When Getting Back in Shape While Breastfeeding. We ran high-quality image ads, which generated tons of healthy engagement, high ROASs and low CPAs, and helped position Sweat & Milk’s brand as a leader in the Industry.

Showcasing Promotions Within Articles – The articles were updated to push specific sitewide promotions while maintaining cheaper advertising costs. The readers were given promotions within the article, such as “For a limited time, we’re giving 20% off exclusively to our readers”. This gave readers a feeling of urgency and flattered them with special access to savings. Keeping our language personal and exclusive was what pushed the conversion rate higher while keeping CPMs and CPCs very low.

Creative Testing – The optimization didn’t end there. To learn what worked best, we split-tested different aspects of the articles and drew insights from each test. This included split-testing different headlines, images, products, and more. Our excellent Landing Page Department produced multiple versions of compelling ad copy and webpage design that spearheaded our A/B testing strategy. Coupled with audience testing, we narrowed down the ideal target audience and served them the content they loved.

The Results:

  • Total Sales $ 454,521, a 90% increase.
  • $104,720 Ad Spend
  • 4.34x Blended ROAS
  • Net Profit $ 195,266, a 30.5% increase. 


About The Client

Sweat & Milk mission is to create high quality fashionable and functional attire that keep the nursing moms active, cozy, and stylish throughout this special life journey and beyond.




Fashion & Apparel

Services Provided

  • Facebook/Instagram Ads
  • Google Ads
  • UGCs
  • Landing Pages
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