How We Helped Private Jet Charter Increase Lead Volume Since July 2020

Why PJC wanted an agency:

Private Jet Charter used a few agencies for PPC back in 2010, 2012 & 2015 but never had success due to inexperienced agencies.  


Their Goal:

Before engaging with Rozee Digital, they were looking for a partner that could cost-effectively deliver high-quality leads that needed to charter a private jet around the world. They also wanted to stop relying solely on SEO, as their competitors started to invest more and more into Google Ads. 

The Problem:

From the audit we conducted, it was apparent that there were multiple opportunities and areas ready for improvement, including:

No Keyword Structure

A good Campaign build with proper keyword structures allows for easier campaign optimisation and better results. The previous agencies had over 50+ keywords in ad groups with the keywords not being relevant, this means the ad & keyword didn’t align to the user search, which lowered the click-through rate. 

No Lead / Call Conversion Tracking

The team at Private Jet Charter was unaware they never had proper conversion tracking set up. This is why they always believed the data reported from agencies were wrong. 

Secondly, they weren’t tracking call conversions in both Google Ads and Google Analytics for their other marketing channels.

In the travel industry, we’ve found that more than 20% of the leads generated come through as phone calls, so the account was optimized on less than 20% of the actual conversion data. With third-party call tracking providers available off the shelf, it was a no-brainer for us to introduce this for Private Jet Charter and subsequently allow all possible conversions generated by the PPC activity to be tracked.

Low Impression Share 

The private Jet Charter team was only obtaining a fraction of the potential impression share available for keywords in its geographical areas. Another reason for the lack of impression share was a lack of budget management, with critical campaigns capped but poorer performing and less commercially significant campaigns (such as competitor model targeting), being prioritised.

Lack Of Negative Keyword Management

Private Jet Charter only does jet charter and avoids anything commercial, boats, hotels, or helicopters. An important consideration, particularly on more generic keywords, is to ensure that you are only triggering keywords that are fully relevant to the advert and landing page that you’re going to send the user to.

Under the previous management, a lack of negative keywords was used. This was wasting a decent amount of budget as most users that hit the landing page weren’t in the Private Jet Charter audience.

No Attempt To Optimise By Device, Day/Hour Of Day or Demographic

In Google Ads you have the option to uplift or decrease bids for your campaigns and ad groups in order to adjust how you rank and how much you pay based on device performance; some types of campaigns will work very well on mobile devices, whereas others will work much better on desktop. The issue here was that this feature was not being utilised at all – a huge missed opportunity for the client.


The Solution:

Taking into account the various issues that we’d come across in the audit, we concluded that a complete re-build of the campaign structure across the entire account would yield the best long- term results in terms of account performance, management efficiency and reporting. Where possible, we re-built new campaigns on top of old campaigns to preserve the historical data.

Every campaign was re-built and re-structured to pick up 100% of the relevant terms available and split into campaigns by match type in order to allow us to better manage the performance of specific, exact match keywords – with exact match keywords added as negative keywords to the broader campaigns. We also:

• Created a new ad schedule that was able to take full advantage of hour of day and day of week bid adjustments not possible within the previous setup.

• Ensured that all location settings were the most relevant, with generic campaigns previously limited to users only in the exact locations and location campaigns (where the search term has to include a location) opened up to the entire country as the intent of the search was much clearer.

• Removed ‘search partners’ from all campaigns as it was performing poorly.

• Made sure that every campaign had at least the minimum two expanded ads and one Responsive Search Ad.

• We built high converting landing pages, using the local phone numbers and photos of demographics of users to keep everything relevant and to help increase the conversion rate.

We also initially set all campaigns to manual bidding so that we could retain better control of ad position and impression share. We found that we were able to get significantly more clicks and impressions for important keywords by doing it this way. However, as we have continued to work on the account and gather more data, we have introduced some automated bidding strategies and dynamic campaigns to maximise return and ensure we’re covering all corners in terms of keyword opportunities.

In addition to the re-build of this account, by checking the accounts daily; keeping on top of bids; regularly mining the search terms report to exclude irrelevant terms and add in new keyword opportunities; optimising bids at device, postcode and hour of day/day of week; reviewing landing page performance; and collaborating with Private Jet Charter’s in-house team to maximise ad copy and push the best offers, we have managed to improve the results achieved from PPC for the client significantly. This is analysed in more detail below.

The Results:

At the time of writing (17th July 2022), we are 2 years into managing the Google Ads account for Private Jet Charter and have achieved the following;

• The highest number of leads generated directly from PPC for any single month. Consecutively from July 2020, each month we set a new record for the total number of leads generated from PPC. 

• As we set up a lead to sale tracker, we can see that Google Ads generate the best ROI for Private Jet Charter. 

About The Client

With over 30 years of experience arranging private charter flights for high-profile clients across the globe, Private Jet Charter has built a reputation for putting its customers first and providing a seamless VIP travel service.

They have multilingual teams available around the clock in 12 international offices across three continents.





Services Provided

  • Google Ads
  • Landing Page Optimisation