How We Helped InBody USA Increase Lead Volume By +194% While Decreasing Cost Per Lead By -45% Over 3 Years.

Increase In Leads

Decrease In CPL

Increase In Conv Rate

Their Goal:

To decrease cost per lead, increase conversion rate and increase lead volume. 

The Problem:

Before hiring Rozee Digital, InBody USA was paying $86 for a lead that wasn’t good quality, had no high converting landing pages, and was struggling to turn into a sale.

The Solution:

We had a clearer vision of where we wanted to take their Google Ads account, understanding the massive opportunity with landing pages that would provide more visual messaging and help show the user the benefit of using InBody USA.

We also wanted to set up a lead-to-sale spreadsheet so we can track which keywords lead to sales and invest more budget into those keywords. 

Inbody web page

The Results:

Once we had set up onsite tracking, phone call tracking and sales attribution we were already miles ahead of what their previous agencies had achieved.

For the first time the team at InBody USA were able to understand where their ad spend was going, and what it was generating the business in return on ad spend.

  • +194% increase in conversions.
  • Before using Rozee Digital InBody was paying $87.46 per lead. Rozee Digital managed to bring that down to $47.76.
  • Conversion rate went from 1.78% to 3.28%.

About The Client

In the early 1990s, our founder and CEO, Dr. Kichul Cha, recognized that the available BIA devices were limited and faulty. They were often inaccurate, and from a medical standpoint, useless for treating patients who needed body composition analysis the most. Drawing from his background in mechanical engineering, he set to work to design something better.

In 1996, he founded InBody. Two years later, the first InBody device was born. Today, InBody has grown from a small biotech startup in South Korea to a multinational corporation with branches and distributors in more than 80 countries. Our clients trust us to provide precise, useful, and accurate body composition data to their users because they know that InBody combines convenience, accuracy, and reproducibility into one easy-to-use device.


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Services Provided

  • Google Ads
  • Landing Page Optimisation
"When we onboarded Rozee Digital, we set two goals: increase our conversion rate and lower our cost per lead. Rozee Digital team has increased the conversion rate, and they also reduced our cost per lead from $80–$100 to $30-$50."
Marketing Manager