How We Helped House Of Maguie Increase Revenue By 53% In 5 Months.

Increase In Order

Increase In AOV

Cost Per Acquisition

The Client:

House Of Maguie is British premier fashion brand with distinctive dressy outfits for the stylish eclectic taste.

Client Goals:

  • Achieve a ROAS increase of 4x+ inside of Meta Ads. 
  • Increase revenue & profit. 
  • Improve Email Marketing Performance. 
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What We Did:

We generated a comprehensive checklist assisting the House Of Maguie team every single step of the way, including the steps required from the client (i.e. website, email, SMS, and creative components) so nothing would be missed.

Then our Paid Social Team restructured the entire account Meta Ad account.

Our Email Marketing team, also worked on improving all the flows for HoM. After analyzing their Klaviyo account, we noticed that flows were only generating roughly 5-10% of revenue and we wanted to improve this further because the AOV of the product isn’t normally a 1st click purchase item. 

We also noticed that the win-back flows were lacking and to help HoM increase revenue/profit we had to improve the win back flow to generate more 2nd plus purchases to help increase the lifetime value.

The Results:


  • Total Revenue increased by 53%
  • Total Media Spend increased by 369.48%
  • Blended ROAS: 10x
  • Meta Ads ROAS 8.46x
  • Email Marketing Flows 10-15% per Month.