How We Helped Cosmetic Brand Generate Over $158K In Revenue Over 5 Months.

Increase In Revenue

Increase In ROAS

Increase In Ad Spend

The Problem:

The in-house team was struggling to keep up with the fast moving, drastic changes to Facebook and Instagram.

Also, the in house team was struggling to scale the advertising campaigns without costs drastically blowing out, leaving them frustrated and stranded spending small budgets on their campaigns.

The Solution:

We look at their eCommerce website and campaigns as a whole, and thoroughly audit each aspect until we’ve found their bottlenecks. 

This way, we have a targeted solution for the problems. 

Once those bottlenecks were resolved, they started to get an influx of sales. 

From there, with their highly optimised website, funnel, and ad campaigns, we move on to the next logical step: scaling their eCommerce revenues.

What We Did:

As with every client, we took the client through our onboarding process. During this time, we complete the following:

✔️Website audit

✔️Ad account audit

✔️Competitor research

✔️Customer profiling

✔️Pain point analysis

✔️SWOT analysis

✔️User Generate Content Creatives

✔️Content research

✔️Copy research

The Results:

We worked with a cosmetic brand to generate over $158K in revenue over a 5 month period while achieving a 4.37x ROAS. We scaled ad spend by 175.59% and also increased purchases by over 766.94% and ROAS by over 214% within five months of working together.

About The Client

We were approached by Cosmetic Brand after they had been doing their Facebook Ads in-house.

They were achieving a 1.39 ROAS (return on ad spend) by themselves but knew it could be improved whilst also scaling the budget.

Client Goal: Increase ROAS up to a 4x, whilst scaling budgets significantly.


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Services Provided

  • PPC Management
  • Dynamic Remarketing
  • Facebook Ads