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How do you bring in customers for your hotel website?

SEO based on location, high-quality images and videos, and aesthetically pleasing social media pages can boost visibility, but PPC can also.

And if you’re looking for the finest PPC strategies to increase bookings on your hotel website but are getting tired of it or can’t meet your goals with your past PPC agency, count on Rozee Digital.

We have a team of professionals who tirelessly work to help your website stand out and increase direct reservations.

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Familiarise Yourself With PPC For Hotels

When you are too tired to continue driving after a long trip with family or friends, you should  consider staying the night at a hotel. 

In these situations, Google serves as our guide and directs us to our objective. Therefore, it is your duty that your hotel appears first in the search results

It might be challenging for individual hotels to achieve high placement in organic search engine rankings because hospitality is one of the most competitive sectors. 

However, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can bring more guests and clients to your hotel’s website. Since customers spend more time online than usual, many of our clients use PPC.

Build Your Hotel Brand Awareness

Dozens of people will view your PPC ad but not click on it after you create it. They may not be interested. They might not be in the purchase phase of the process.

But this does not imply that you lost out on a worthwhile lead. Leads are still exposed to your brand even if they don’t click on your ad. They take in the information from your PPC ad after seeing it.

Even if leads don’t convert after clicking on your ad, you’re still promoting brand awareness for them. They will become familiar with your brand and discover your offerings.

Although these customers might not immediately convert, they will still remember your brand. They will pick your hotel over the rivals when it comes time to convert. People choose brands they are familiar with and trust; therefore, you made yourself known to them.

Bolster Online Visibility

It can be challenging to appear on SERPs if your hotel chain is a new one in the sector. After all, you are up against titans of the industry that have been attracting clicks since the internet first appeared.

Increase your online presence to potential clients by using a PPC ad. As mentioned, even if they don’t instantly engage with your ads, users are more likely to remember your website if it appears first on the search results page.

Drive Fast Results

One of the most excellent advantages of PPC is that you can see results immediately. You want to know that your money is well spent when you invest in a digital marketing strategy. With PPC, you can monitor important indicators to ensure your campaign produces results.

Results from techniques like search engine optimisation  (SEO) take time to appear. With PPC, you may see results as soon as your campaign is launched. PPC is an excellent tactic to employ while building organic ranks with SEO.

For your campaign, you can also keep an eye on various analytics. You can simply track metrics like impressions, clicks, and conversions with Google Ads.

PPC Helps In Securing Last-Minute Bookings

Hotel PPC Agency Customises

Did you know that one-third of brits book their hotels on the same day of check-in?

Your hotel can be seen first by last-minute visitors and impulsive travellers when you pay for your Google ads to appear first on SERPs.

Last-minute visitors know they must book right away because they are in a hurry. Add copy that emphasises  FOMO (fear of missing out) for these search terms to create a sense of urgency. You may also consider emphasising discount deals for last-minute bookings.

Hotel PPC Agency Customises Effective PPC Campaigns

PPC draws leads who are curious about your hotel. However, we know that every business is unique. This is why it’s best to reach out to collaborate closely with a seasoned PPC agency–like ours.

We at Rozee Digital are skilled at maximising PPC campaigns to produce the greatest outcomes. And as a full-service performance marketing agency, we focus on creating custom PPC campaigns for your unique business.

We take great pride in being the travel industry’s premier agency for change. Because our mission is greater than the bottom line, we are renowned for rapidly tripling and doubling our clients’ businesses.

We take our words seriously. This is why most of our clients love our works–which can be seen in our case studies. Check them out to learn more about what it’s like to work with a reputable PPC firm like Rozee Digital.


PPC is an excellent tool for your hotel to generate more bookings. If you’re eager to begin enjoying the advantages mentioned above, it’s best to work with a professional who knows exactly how PPC works for hotels.

Rozee Digital is a digital marketing company with years of PPC campaign experience. When you work with us, we’ll assist you in developing your hotel website so your company can prosper to new heights.

Contact us today to kickstart your first custom-tailored PPC campaign.


Should I hire a Hotel PPC Agency for my brand?

You should work with a PPC agency to manage your campaigns and provide advice on your entire strategy regarding paid advertising. If you’re looking for a partner agency, Rozee Digital will collaborate with you to develop an effective digital advertising plan that engages users.

Throughout every phase of your luxury hotel PPC strategy, Rozee Digital helps you uncover and track success, from creating stunning landing pages that convert to monitoring important analytics. 

Contact us today!

Is PPC for hotels worth it?

Absolutely! It is worthwhile to spend money on pay-per-click advertising for your upscale hotel. PPC advertising is an effective approach to reaching your perfect demographic. If done correctly, your luxury hotel will grow significantly and generate a significant return on investment.

How much does a Hotel PPC Agency usually charge?

As part of their fee, PPC firms frequently take a cut of the advertising budget. This is a typical pricing structure that many agencies employ. 

Under this price structure, the PPC agency will bill a certain percentage of the campaign’s advertising budget. Typically, this falls between 15% and 30%.

Book a call with Rozee Digital experts today and discuss your PPC needs for a free quote. 

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