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What You Need To Know To Double Your Ad Budget, Consistently Convert More Customers & 2-5x Your eCommerce Sales In Post iOS14 World...

We Guarantee To Outperform Your Current Ads Or You Don’t Pay.

There is no denying this is the toughest year in history for eCommerce.

E-Commerce sales are declining as more consumers spend in-store than online.

Shipping challenges & issues have skyrocketed costs.

And to make it even worse, Apple is slapping us in the face with privacy and tracking updates…

Making it difficult for brands like yourself to adjust accordingly to the new playing field.

Leaving your ads campaigns performance to be super volatile, struggling to 2-5x your ad spend without your Cost Per Acquisition skyrocketing (again and again).

And as a result, brands like yours are suffering…

Does this sound familiar to you?

1. Your in-house marketer or agency lacks a clear eComm strategy.

2. You are running your advertising & email marketing yourself and have realized that you can’t keep wearing every damn hat in your eCommerce business for it to grow!

3. You are struggling to maintain the consistent growth you need and want.

4. Or even worse, you are watching your revenue growth become stagnant or even start to decline.

But it doesn’t have to be TOUGH.

We are relentless in helping YOU achieve your growth goals, fix your scaling issues, ONCE and FOR ALL in a post iOS14 world!

If this resonates – you need a new eCommerce growth partner who can help you navigate this challenging new world.

So if you’d like to be the next eCommerce brand that scales to huge success – you better pay close attention…

We work with established eCommerce brands to achieve stable, long-term growth.

Because the only thing that truly matters here…YOUR Growth.

As an entrepreneur myself, there is nothing more soul-crushing than seeing growth stagnant!

You started your business because you wanted to live life on your terms and wake up every day EXCITED to do what you do!

Without seeing year on year growth, the frustration builds that things aren’t working, the stress, the sleepless nights, the self-doubt, the fear of failing, and having to go back to square one.

As the founder of Rozee Digital, I have been there too.

And why on earth am I telling you this?

Because to grow, it’s important to hire the right people to grow your eCommerce brand. Like I did for myself!


All growth stories are different; all brands are different. But the underlying framework is the same.

$1.5 Million Increase In Revenue At 841.96% ROAS

“We hired Rozee Digital after our previous digital marketing agency was not meeting our goals."
Katherine Redd
E-Com Marketing Director

$17.90 FB CPA Decrease, 108% Increase In ROAS & 72% In Revenue Within 30 Days

"We've had the best January that we've ever had, and I think that was definitely with your guys help."
Co-Founder, Girl Tribe Co

86% Increase In Revenue Within 6 Months At 4x ROAS

"I would recommend working with Tom & Rozee Digital if you are looking to scale big!"

205% Increase In Revenue, 209.39% Increase In ROAS & $-51.78 In FB CPA

"You guys are going to do awesome!"

100% Increase In Revenue At 8x ROAS Within 6 Months

"The best ecommerce agency we have used and been with for 3 years."
Managing Director

33.19% Decrease In CPA & 163K Increase In Revenue Within 60 Days

"They are actually interested in our success. We enjoy working with them a lot."
Sebastian Geis

$10K To $50K Per Month During Covid

"The team was truly amazing in their approach and the results they drove."
Founder, Tach Luggage

Helping E-Commerce and DTC Brands
Become the “Next Big Thing”

Let us transform you into the successful, impactful eCommerce brand you deserve to be.

We are Rozee Digital – We turn established eCommerce businesses just like yours into profitable brands using the power of ecommerce Paid Ads, Email Marketing & CRO.

But we don’t ‘run ads’ – we skyrocket your growth.

We are eCommerce experts with strategic ideas that make revenue magic happen.

We’ve discovered the single most effective system to scale eCommerce Brands through paid advertising post iOS14.

If the above resonates with you, you are looking for who cares about your business.

Here's how to finally fix your inconsistent growth, ONCE AND FOR ALL!


After spending millions in managed ad spend and countless hours figuring out how to combat the iOS14 Apple has thrown at us…

We found a way to help give more data back to Facebook that allows us to make better, faster decisions for when to kill and scale ad sets… so no more wasted spend!

Expectation? Over 60% of Facebook Ads conversions properly attributed.

However, you can’t survive off Facebook ads alone anymore…

We’ve found a strategy that utilizes an omnichannel digital strategy to scale your e-commerce brand to 7, 8 figures, and beyond post iOS14. 

This allows us to Guarantee To Outperform Your Current Ads Or You Don’t Pay.

Is that something that would be helpful to you?

Well here’s the deal…

Since we’re looking to bring on 1-to 2 more clients this month, we’re offering a free scaling session with myself (Tom), to help you navigate your brand through iOS14 and to scale your brand again.

This is NOT just a sales call with another sleazy agency salesperson looking to bring you on board as a client.

I promise there won’t be any hard selling!

We are going to listen to your problems, explain how we can help and provide a free audit. 

So there’s an INSANE amount of upside potential for you here, with zero pressure, strings attached, or cost associated at all.

Whether you become a client or not doesn’t matter.

What matters is during this Post iOS14 Scaling Session, we will help you solve your growth challenges and overcome that nasty beast of iOS14…

But here’s the catch: we have a limited number of free Post iOS14 Scaling Sessions.

Here’s what we’re going to do on the call to help you scale today:

  • Learn more about your business, economics, niche and products to help you increase the profitability of your brand.
  • Create a 30 & 90 day roadmap to show you exactly how to reach your revenue goals.
  • You’ll get a personalized strategy to grow to the next level as fast as possible. We’ve been there, done that…multiple times.
  • We’ll help you execute a strategy that goes beyond “one marketing channel”, to effectively integrate all channels working together.

You’ll have the direction you have been seeking. Finally a “roadmap” so you can set yourself up for success post iOS14.

I will answer the question of what to do right now so you can quickly enjoy the profits from our solution.

And we’ll give it to you – FREE.

It will be the best decision you’ve made for your business this year!

We're Rozee Digital

Brands just like yours have 2-5x their revenue, triple their ad budget while maintaining consistent growth with our help!

Competition and economy is cut-throat right now, so you need partner who actually cares about your business.

We are passionate about helping established driven brands scale. 

We are obsessive about our clients results! Because without consistent performance – we can’t deliver you consistent growth.

Now some Traditional agencies have slick sales teams and fancy offices – but the actual work is often done by junior, inexperienced staff who don’t really care, or are overloaded. 

How do I know? Because I worked at these agencies!

We’re different.  A responsive team that feels like a seamless extension of your in-house team. 

Never again be left in the dark. You’ll receive detailed weekly strategic reports and actions based on data, so management can be fully aware of the progress we make.

Your brand’s success means everything to us. 


Book Your FREE Strategy Call Today & Find Out How You Can Rapidly Scale Your Business

  • Established: You’ve had 5-6 figure sales months and think bigger.
  • Resources: You’re prepared to commit to at least a $100/day ad budget.
  • Willing: You’re committed to building a brand online.

Please Note: We partner with less than 5% of the applications we receive and carefully screen all inquiries with a 2 to 3-Stage consultation process to ensure that we can 100% deliver.

P.S – If you have scrolled this far down, CONGRATS! Hopefully you have read everything BUT if not scroll up, look at our results & proof that we’re the best in the game.

Whether you’re already working with an agency or not, secure your call. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain…