We love watching our clients grow and become more successful. We make sure to deliver campaigns that bring in results. We want to be the experts in Google Ads, Facebook Ads, landing pages design/optimisation and conversion rate optimisation. That’s why at Rozee Digital we make sure that we are up to date with the latest trends. 

Nobody can guarantee results. What we do guarantee is to execute the very best practices, to utilise our knowledge of the market, to be proactive, creative and hard working to impress you from the word go.

It depends on the type of campaign you need help with and the budget we must work with. With paid traffic, initial results are usually visible in the first few months.

All of our digital marketing services are based on a minimum 6 or 12 month contract based on a tailored package with clear KPIs.

1. Do I need a Facebook page?

Yes, ideally you need to have your own Facebook page under your brand so that when we run the ads, your prospects see your brand name.

3. Do I need an email marketing account?

Yes, you will need your own email marketing system which supports email autoresponders. We recommend Activecampaign. However, if you already have an account with a different supplier, you don’t need to change it. You will simply need to grant us access to your account.

5. How does payment for Facebook Ads campaigns work?

Rozee Digital charge a one-off fee for setting up a Facebook Ads campaign and then a monthly management fee. Any spend you do make on Facebook  will be paid directly to facebook, straight from your Facebook account.

7. Do you outsource work?

We do, but this doesn’t mean that we are delegating responsibility for tasks or using cheap labour. We believe that to create something exceptional you have to use the best resources available. While we would love to be experts in absolutely everything, it isn’t always possible. We have developed a trusted set of expert suppliers whom we are confident can produce work to the standard we require for our clients.

The type of work we commonly outsource would be content writing to specialists in a particular field.

2. Do I need to provide ‘Lead Magnet’?

We will ask that you provide the lead magnet. We can discuss a few options over the phone, and if you can’t put this together in-house we can help. However, we will provide a separate quotation for this work as it is not included monthly retainer. The quality of the lead magnet will determine the success of the campaign.

4. How does payment for Google Ads campaigns work?

Rozee Digital charge a one-off fee for setting up a Google Ads campaign and then a monthly management fee. We don’t tend to run automated campaigns as it’s much more effective to optimise your budget on a daily basis. Any spend you do make on search terms will be paid directly to Google, straight from your Google Ads account.

6. Why Should I Hire An Agency Rather Than In-House?

It is better to let the professional handle it. You and your staff are experts at what you do and we are the experts of digital marketing. The primary benefit of using a digital marketing agency is experience and resources. A digital marketing agency like Rozee Digital has access to knowledge and resources that you may not. 

8. How will you report?

At Rozee Digital, we like to keep our clients up-to-date. We send weekly and monthly reports outlining performance of the campaigns running.

In addition, we will also show you how to use Analytics and set up appropriate dashboards so you can keep track of performance yourselves.

We Help Our Clients Get More Conversions