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We do not believe in working with clients who we can’t generate results for. So that is why we’ve 100% removed the risk entirely for our clients. 

So if you fall into the 1% of scenarios where we can’t generate more than our fee by delivering profitable ad results OR increase your Shopify revenue, we’ll refund the difference and add an extra 20% on top of that. Contractually guaranteed.

This Is Why Our Clients Love Us.

Proven eCommerce Marketing Results

The Problem:

The brand was relying on Facebook ads to drive traffic and sales. With iOS14 update you need to diversify your advertising platforms and focus on omni-channel ad strategy. 

The Solution:

We created a robust multi-channel ad strategy driving traffic from Google, Facebook and Pinterest Ads. This allowed us to re-market to visitors on different ad platforms and drive sales. 

The Result:

Went from $268K to $377K in 30 days. 40% increase in revenue, 60% increase in orders, and 29% increase in conversion rate.

The Problem:

They were stuck in their efforts and wanted to bring in some fresh eyes. Since the iOS14 update, it has implanted a huge spanner in the works when it comes to Facebook advertising.

The Solution:

To truly understand, deeply, their ideal customer and to craft ads that actually resonate with their ideal customers to motivate them to buy.

The Result:

Went from €466K to 548K in 30 days. 18% increase in revenue, and 20% increase in orders.

The Problem:

Struggling to scale their Facebook, Snapchat & TikTok Ads because they were wearing all the hats inside the business and saw a high level of spend with little to no return on investment.

The Solution:

To focus on UGC ad creatives, ad copy to get the prospect emotionally engaged and congruent messaging across the different ad platforms to drive consistent and profitable sales while allowing the owner to focus on other aspects of the business.

The Result:

5x MER and £200K generated in the first 90 days. 13% increase in orders and 56% increase in returning customers. 

The Problem:

They had trouble finding an ads agency to help generate positive ROI and battle the downturn from Covid, especially being in the Travel Industry.

The Solution:

The first step we did was a diagnosis of the website to understand if they had any opportunities to increase the website conversions rate. We focused on new creatives that showed the benefit of Tach Connectable Luggage.

The Result:

Went from 10K to 20K to 51K in 90 days. They also saw a 107% increase in their conversion rate and 57% increase in orders.

The Problem:

Google Ads campaign was driving irrelevant traffic, unprofitable return of ad spend and cost per conversions were over KPI metrics. 

The Solution:

Complete a SWOT analysis, rebuilt the campaign to drive relevant traffic, focused on copy that increased the click-through rate, and sent the user to the relevant product page to shorten the buying cycle.

The Result:

612.76% increase in revenue, 298.44% increase in sales, and -52.40% decrease in cost per purchase in 1yr & 7 months. 


“Rozee Digital had an amazing approach and they drove results. We saw a month-on-month growth in terms of revenue and a 107% increase in conversion rate in 90 days. “

John, Founder​


Tach Luggage

Scaling Whilst Maintaining A High ROAS is Simple

Get outstanding long-term growth for your eCommerce brand with an experienced award-winning eCommerce digital marketing agency to maximise your revenue and profits using proprietary media buying and data-driven creative analysis.

Understand Your Needs

We get to know your business inside-out, so we can help you reach your goals. We then dig deep into your specific ideal customer and understand their desires, pains, triggers, repelling language etc. With a clear picture of where your business stands, we build a plan that gets your business where it needs to be.

Test and Verify

With a plan in place, we’ll continuously test strategies to identify how paid social and search can scale your business most effectively. We’ll introduce hundreds of techniques that we’ve learned through managing millions of dollars in ad spend. After rigorous tests, we’ll understand exactly how paid social and search can grow your business.

Scale and Grow

All of our strategies are geared towards delivering efficiency at scale. By continuously optimising your campaigns, we’ll ensure that your paid social/search efforts are working hard towards your business’s wider goals. As techniques that work now become less effective, we stay on top of all opportunities to scale by continuously discovering and testing new strategies.


“Rozee Digital is the best PPC agency I have worked within this sector and they have made a massive difference to my business. We have 3x sales and decrease cost per purchase by 50%”

Evgeny, MD



Why Partner with Our eCommerce Ads Agency?

In one word: RESULTS.

We'll Crush Your Goals And Scale Your Brand Using Multi Channel Ad Strategies, Freeing Up Your Time To Run Your Business.

The need for you to diversify your advertising platforms is now essential. We focus on delivering eCommerce brands a diverse, omnichannel ad strategy. We’ll also discuss the recent iOS changes, so you understand what new metrics you must base performance on…

Recent Multi Channel Ad Results

Backstory On This Client:

$158k in the first 60 days of running Facebook Ads. This client was running ads with the guidance of a Facebook representative along with another agency when we took over. The current efforts lacked quality ad copy, they had lots of bad advertising habits and were heavily reliant on offers that were hurting their profitability. We laid proper foundations, dug deep into the ideal customer, and crafted ads with compelling ad copy that deeply resonated with their customers. Doing this allowed us to increase the ROAS considerably whilst heavily reducing the offers they were using to drive sales.

Backstory On This Client:

$458,073 generated in 4 months from $99K ad spend with Facebook Ads. This is more proof that our results are predictable and repeatable. This apparel company was again running ads themselves but clearly had no testing structure in place. The account was a mess, it was like throwing a needle in a haystack then trying to find it again. This client gave us the pleasure of cleaning up the account and allowed us to introduce rigorous testing campaigns. Once we found what was actually generating results we were then able to scale up averaging over 4.59x ROAS. 

Backstory On This Client:

142% increase in revenue in the last 90 days. Most eCommerce brand owners aren’t fully aware of the costs associated with truly running their brand. It’s the main reason a majority of eCom brands don’t thrive in today’s competitive environment. This women’s clothing brand approached us unsure about what they were doing wrong within their Facebook marketing & struggling to increase their conversion rate. 

Backstory On This Client:

$99.7K generated in the first 60 days achieving a 9.31x ROAS with Google Ads. This client came to us looking to diversify their paid advertising as they were solely relying on Facebook Ads to generate sales. 

Backstory On This Client:

16% increase in revenue in the first 18 days and 11% increase in the conversion rate. The client came to us because they were stuck in their efforts and wanted to bring in some fresh eyes.  We came in used the data that was already in the ad account and went to work scaling rapidly at a very profitable rate of 8x MER. 

Backstory On This Client:

£1.32K generated in the first 7 days achieving a 3.28x ROAS with TikTok Ads. This eCom clients owner had been in control of all paid advertising but lacking the knowledge, skill and time they were essentially shooting in the dark. We implemented our machine and in doing so tripled their performance adding an extra 1-3K a week to their bottom line with TikTok Ads. 

Backstory On This Client:

We helped an apparel brand increase conversion rate by 31.43% which increased revenue by 101.42% in 60 days.

The apparel brand realised that the traffic acquisition efforts were delivering diminishing returns and they didn’t have the time or resources to invest in a full-scale experimentation program.

The first step was to ensure that their analytics data was producing accurate data and then to conduct a four-week long deep-dive on the opportunities. The quantitative data pointed us to the problems, the surveys, usability testing and customer interviews showed us why the problem existed. Using our team of copywriters and designers, we tested many iterations of the product page. This new product page led directly to some big, quick gains.

Our Services


Our primary focus is driving profitable growth results through paid social.

We package our management service to deliver you the ability to move ad budget freely across these platforms, depending on the highest performing results.


Google Ads, Shopping & YouTube Display is now an essential part of our ad strategies.

“Intent-based ads” such as Google, now go hand-in-hand with our “interest-based ads” such as Facebook.


We acquire customers through Paid Ads, but we build your Brand, Profit & Customer Lifetime Value through email marketing.

We specialise in email automation builds & ongoing management, where our brand partners find 1/3 of their revenue is generated.



We acquire customers through Paid Ads, but we can improve your advertising results by increasing your website conversion rate. 

We specialise in conversion rate optimisation to improve your customer’s experience, decrease Cost Per Acquisition, increase Return Of Ad Spend and boost revenue/profit.


“Ever since working with Rozee Digital, we’ve been able to lower CPA by 58% and increase the number of website leads and phone calls by 193%.”

Transparency, Clarity, and Insight.

Weekly Updates

We’ll update you every Monday on what we’re doing for you that week. We also welcome phone calls as frequently as needed.

Dashboard Reporting

Have all your stats from different Pay Per Click channels in one place, with any custom reports you want to create.

Goal Focused Growth

The focus of everything we do is done with the aim of achieving your next goal. Whether it be getting leaner or growing bigger and bigger.

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