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Every industry has that one brand that is routinely stealing the market share, MoM increasing profits and attacking your margins. Have you ever realised that you could quite easily take down your industry brand and replace their position? We’ve seen clients dominate their competitors simply because they can acquire a sale for cheaper (consequently, more profitable) than anyone else in their industry. As a byproduct, once we ramp up the monthly ad spend we put our clients in pole position and eventually they become the industry leader to who everyone in their market naturally gravitates to. Thus, increasing market share and consequently organic marketing. When you can confidently generate a CPA (cost per acquisition)/CPP (cost per purchase) for a price that makes sense to your specific margins and you couple that with a scaling strategy that actually converts, you too can become your industry brand. We turn our clients into industry leaders.

A Few Of The E-Commerce Brands We Work With

We work with clients across the globe, in the UK, USA and China. Our mission is to help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams by providing a digital marketing service that drives revenue and profit. 

"It is clear that skill and understanding are there. Rozee Digital definitely adds value."
Marissa Adams
Marketing Director
"Ever since Rozee Digital has worked with us, they've been able to lower CPA and increase the number of website leads and phone calls."
Hugh Courtenay
"Rozee Digital goes above and beyond. Increase conversion rates and decreased the cost per purchase within 30 days!"
Jing Zhu
Marketing Director
"Rozee Digital had the unenviable task of helping us navigate the eCommerce downturn from Covid, especially in the Travel Industry. The team was truly amazing in their approach and the results they drove."
John Salek
President and Founder

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5 Essential Processes That Lead To Success

The Unique ARCC Process

Before we spend $1 on ads, we undergo an operation called Foundational Copywriting, Analysis, Research & Creation. This operation enables us to gain a deep routed understanding of your ideal customer, industry and competitors and true metrics. In addition, during this phase we analyse your sales processes to identify any holes that may be prevalent and we look to instantly fill those in. Thus, increasing your sales process conversion rate and enabling us to get as much juice from your advertising dollars as humanly possible (high return on ad spend).

Turning $x into $(x*2, 4, 5+)

Advertising only makes up for around 60% of successful advertising. What this means is that, no agency or marketer on planet earth can get any and every Ecomm brand, or business for that matter, top-tier results. Why? Because things like product-market-fit, sales process conversion rate, irresistible offers, product quality, strong customer service, etc. all need to be evident in order to see any noticeable results with paid advertising. Now, we cannot help with product-market-fit and product quality. If they aren’t evident within your business, then you have bigger problems than we can solve. However, things like CVR, irresistible offers and backend remarketing strategies are things we 100% help clients with because after all, we are a 100% performance-based agency and if we can eke out an extra 1 – 3% conversion rate within your sales process, it’ll make our advertising much more successful. We will ensure all those components are in place within your brand so we can turn $x into $(x*2, 4, 5+)

Ice Cold Stranger To Brand Enthusiast

The amount of time, energy and resources it takes to turn an ice cold stranger into a brand enthusiast is mind numbingly high. And so, if your brand isn’t ubiquitous amongst current customers and potential customers, the amount of money you’ll be leaving on the table is spine chilling. The TOF (Top-Of-The-Funnel) audience we take the time to put more info about the product and the brand in front of them – so we cover all of their objections, concerns, and thoughts as they are running through their minds. For the audience that is in the MOF (Middle-Of-The-Funnel), we showcase social proof by using testimonials, credibility, and reviews. And lastly, for the BOF (Bottom-Of-The-Funnel) we push the audience to make the purchasing decision ASAP or the irresistible urgent offer is gone for good.

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Crafting Ads... Slice Through The Noise)

The times where brands run aggressive and repetitive “Buy Now!” ads are over. Your customers are immune to see ads full of fake scarcity, sales, and so many discounts. Because they’ve noticed that brands that do that are not legitimate. So how to cut through the noice and win hearts of your customers? By running ads that actually matter and spike interest? Not scare people away? It’s simple. Knowing your audience, creating multiples angles in which you present different ways of your customers buying the product.  Making sure your Headline motivates the stranger click and purchase your product. And become your loyal customer. All based on research and disrupting the market with story-telling, presenting benefits, sharing reviews and testimonials – simply, NOT pushing a sale.

Creative Direction For Ultimate Conversion

After having spent multiple millions for clients and ourselves (something 99% of agencies can’t say), we’ve learned a thing or two about advertising and it’s biggest levers. The two biggest levers you can pull for Ecomm are 1. Creative and 2. Copy. If those two components are operating at the highest possible level then it’s very difficult to not be hyper profitable at severe scale. So we also offer clients, creative direction that’s designed for ultimate conversion. We pull the raw assets from your end (the physical image, video, GIF etc) and we elevate its performance by turning it into a high converting asset. Things like additional graphic design, cohesive but effective video editing etc will be applied to your raw assets so we can squeeze as much revenue out of each creative as humanly possible. Because after all, creatives is the biggest lever we can pull followed by expertly written copy.

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How Come Your Margins Get Thinner The More You Grow?

Your margins are getting squeezed every day. Your operating costs have skyrocketed since you started out and price competition is tougher than ever. Improving your conversion rate makes financial sense because your profit is surprisingly sensitive to your conversion rate. An increase in conversion rate of just 50% can result in a 500% increase in your profits. In fact, a 10% change (up or down) in conversion rate can mean the difference between making a profit and suffering a loss.

Is All Of Your Money Being Spent On Getting More Traffic?

If you’re spending large amounts of budget, time and resources on online advertising, email marketing and not investing in Conversion Rate Optimization then you may not be getting the best Return Of Investment on your campaigns. Most marketing strategies are based on acquiring more traffic by any means necessary instead of optimizing the sales funnel. This is an outdated approach that will always mean that your company size is limited by your available marketing budget. By investing with a CRO agency and optimizing your website, you can improve your customer’s experience, decrease Cost Per Acquisition, increase Return Of Ad Spend and boost revenue/profit.



Our primary focus is driving profitable growth results through paid social.

We package our management service to deliver you the ability to move ad budget freely across these platforms, depending on the highest performing results.


Google Ads, Shopping & YouTube Display is now an essential part of our ad strategies.

“Intent-based ads” such as Google, now go hand-in-hand with our “interest-based ads” such as Facebook.


We acquire customers through Paid Ads, but we build your Brand, Profit & Customer Lifetime Value through email marketing.

We specialise in email automation builds & ongoing management, where our brand partners find 1/3 of their revenue is generated.

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We Get It, Entrusting Your Marketing Budget To An Outsider Is Hard

We hear it all the time, too many businesses have been “burned” by handing over the keys to their marketing budget, as you’re reading this, you may be exhausted from working with agencies or ‘gurus’ that promise you the world but never deliver good results (nor do they care about your brand and delivering the best results possible). That’s why our mission at Rozee Digital is to go beyond what is possible in the advertising world to ensure our clients have consistently the best results and success they deserve. We’re here to erase the bad experience and a “burnout from all of those agencies” you may have worked with and which wasted your hard-earned money.

Our promise to you is that you’ll never feel insecure about your marketing direction or worried that your advertising budget isn’t being fully optimised. 

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Want An Idea Of Some Of The Growth We've Achieved Recently?

Conversion Rate Optimisation Results

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Frequently Asked Questions

From Founders, CEOs, & CMOs Like Yourself

We Were Burnt Out By So Many Agencies Before. What Makes You Different?

We understand that so many Founders/CEOs/CMOs have been scammed and burnt out by so many agencies out there, who simply overpromise, but never deliver. Therefore, out mission at Rozee Digital is to erase that experience and show these business owners that it is still possible to find reliable agency to work with. What makes us different is that not only we deliver results like almost no agency in the space does (without charing you a fortune for it), but we also go above and beyond in everything we do - service delivery, client support, organisation, etc. Our high-level case studies and magnificent client testimonials speak for themselves.

Do You Handle Everything Yourself?

Yes, we plan, create and optimise your ads, as well as we craft the ad copy and the initial strategy for you. Apart from that, when some of our clients need catchy and effective visual creations, we help with video/image ad creation as well. If they have great visuals, we select the best performing creatives that tend to convert the best. If the client is looking to create a new effective visual for their brand, we direct them and consult them on what they could create that will produce 10x in return.

What Are Your Fees?

Inside our agency, no size fits all. Without proper analysis of your business and knowing your numbers, we are unable to say how much would the monthly service cost. However, once we know the numbers, we both make sure it's a win-win situation. We have three main options our clients can chose from - Flat Fee, Hybrid, Performance Fee (Based on %). We always make sure it's workable on both our and client's end.

How Much, In Return, Can We Expect In First Month?

The first month of us working with clients is usually about setting everything up and doing our proper research (Week 1). The remaining weeks and days in the month, we dedicate to split-testing and working with previous results that we tweak and adjust for the best results possible. What we've seen in the past (also what you could have noticed in the case studies) we were able to double, or even triple the client's business in the first 4 weeks. However, that is not always the case. With some clients, the minimum return is break even in the first month. It really depends on your budget, previous campaigns and data.

How Long Is The Contract?

Consulting, setup, management, or performance based relationships all have different expectations. Setup can be a one time project and performance could be a longer term partnership. If we set bigger goals with you, then you’ll see the contract length reference that.

How Long Until I Get Results?

It can be immediately. For example, if we see that you’re bleeding money and it’s an easy fix, then we can improve that within a day. We set performance-based goals for all our clients upon timeframes we’re both excited about.

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