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Rozee Digital helped us to increase sales by 100% within 6 months while achieving 6.15x ROAS. I highly recommend Rozee Digital to others looking for help with their E-Commerce Growth!
Evgeny Boyarov

Tom Rozee

Founder of Rozee Digital

Dear DTC Brands,

If you’re looking to scale your brand past 6 & 7 figures, this page is for you…

Q4 is on the way, and it’s approaching fast.

Now is the time to prepare your business for this crucial time of the year.

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We GUARANTEE 2X ROAS in as little time as 4 weeks…

This is not just some made-up figure I threw at you to catch your attention…

Do you remember Evgeny testimonial above?

When we first meet back in Oct 2019, he told me that he has been through 4 different marketing agencies, never gotten a decent ROI.

Before coming to Rozee Digital his ad campaigns were already getting a 2X ROAS…

But after introducing him to the Avalanche System he shot up to an 6.15x return…

→ Sales Flooding In Daily: With a system that floods daily sales into her store on demand.

→ Gave Evgeny more revenue to reinvest back into the business.

→ Happened in only 2 months and stayed consistent throughout the year.

→ Finally become the CEO of his brand, not having to wear all the hats.

→ All this happened in month 1 (Nov2019)

This may seem impressive but the most important part is what happens after month 2, 3, 4 and so on…

The secret sauce is to stay consistent throughout the year not having revenue yo-yos every month.

Sceptical? I don’t blame you!

In my line of work, I get to hear some of the most disheartening stories from eCommerce store owners on a DAILY basis.

→ “I spent thousands on influencers and barely got any traffic…let alone enough orders to cover the cost.”

→ “I’ve tried Facebook/Google Ads before but every time I wanted to scale, the results went down the toilet…”

→ “Our campaigns perform for 2-5 days and then the CPA blows out (over and over again).”

→ “We have spent money on campaigns but no matter what you try (or who you hire) nothing seems to be working?”

→ “It’s a nightmare not having a predictable flow of new sales…so we just kinda keep bouncing around..hoping to find something that works one day.”

If any of these stories resonate with your current situation…


Before you choose to RISK having MORE of your time and money WASTED

Yes, our clients were sceptical at first too.

But once they realised that we were not only willing to GUARANTEE results by putting our money on the line…

♥️ THIS is what happens when you partner with a company that has your best interests at heart


We aren’t here to swipe credit cards and make a quick buck…

We are here because we enjoy helping eCommerce owners scale their brand with online marketing, so they can do the things that truly matter to them and make a meaningful impact on their customer’s lives.

Here's ACTUAL PROOF of how the Avalanche System that has the power to change your business forever:

Rozee Digital Results

Cosmetic Brand FB Results

Total Revenue Driven: $158,118.46

Avg ROAS: 4.37x

Breakeven ROAS: 1.75x

Growth Story Across: 5 months

Cosmetic Brand FB Results

Total Revenue Driven: $290,541.73

Avg ROAS: 6.76x

Breakeven ROAS: 2x

Growth Story Across: 5 months


Helped a customised product brand spend $70,346.94 and generated $1,003,850 while achieving a ROAS of 14.27x over 6 months. 

Here is one of Bioglow Google Ads campaign generating £294,698.01 while only spending £28,909.75. 

Rozee Digital Results

How Would You Like Your Brand To Be Finally KNOWN?

What would results like this do for your business?

Your dreams of running a multi-million dollar eCommerce store are totally possible, and we want to give you the system that’s helped hundreds of other people make that thought a reality.

"It is clear that skill and understanding are there. Rozee Digital definitely adds value."
Marissa Adams
Clear Fast

We Grow eCommerce Brands

Rozee Digital is a eCommerce Growth Agency helping brands explode their revenue goals – We work with eCommerce brands that have demonstrated product market fit and prepared for massive growth. 

We help store owners focus on what they are good at by taking the whole marketing process off their hands. We’ll establish your targeting, put together your ad creative, and then monitor and test it all until we annihilate the results you’re after!

What if you even had a reliable, “Avalanche System” marketing team behind you that…

Works to implement this powerful system FOR YOU (So you can focus on running your business, not stuck in your ad account)

Was SO focused on your results, they could guarantee your success (and give you security that your ad budget is NOT just going down the drain)

Continues to maximise your new system, creating EVEN MORE results (and keeps your brand growing month after month, year after year)

What would a system like this do for you and your business?

How would your life change?

If you’re NOT just looking for a quick buck and you ACTUALLY DO want to be a giant in your space…
Then our next step is to schedule a time for a simple discussion about your business, your goals, dreams and where you want your business to be in the next few months.

What Is The "Avalanche" System And How Can It Actually Help You?

Over the last 12 months, we’ve managed over $1.25M in ad spend to create over $7M in online store sales for eCommerce brands…

Now, let us help you turn your brand into a household name…

Industry Leading Facebook, Instagram & Google Ads Strategies

Proper Facebook, Instagram & Google Ads strategies and systems are the difference between spending just $100 – $1,000 a day vs $2,000+ daily ad spends. And each year we spend millions of dollars polishing and developing ours to be among the best in the world!

Proprietary Landing Pages & Funnels to Maximise CR and AOV

We have handcrafted and tested landing pages & funnels, which are designed to give you an unfair competitive advantage for your business. Just imagine if your website could convert +25% better? How this could change your ROI? How much higher would you be able to scale your business?

World-Class Creative Team to Stand Out From the Masses

One of the most important assets for eComm brands is world-class creatives that’s help you stand out, capture attention, educate and converts customers like nothing else. We understand the psychological sales processes needed for ad creatives.

Conversion Rate Optimisation Team to Maximise Value of Each Click We Bring

Our CRO team enables us to convert a higher percentage of your website’s visitors into customers. The right words and design have a huge conversion impact, that’s why we are constantly running A/B tests that drive up AOV and CR of your funnel.

Emails & SMS Marketing Team to Help You to Create Long Lasting Brand

When you have paid traffic campaigns running that are bringing in at least $50,000+ per month, the next step is to focus on profit maximization activities like Emails & SMS which can drive you more sales and help build a long-lasting brand.  

Scaling Your Online Store To 7 & 8 Figure Powerhouse

Once we have the campaign running smoothly, hitting our KPIs and we know that we have everything in place, it will be time to scale your eCommerce store to 7 & 8 figures. While focusing on conversion rate optimisation, ROAS and scaling sustainably and profitably.


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Now that you know that me and my team are not only willing to guarantee a
2X return on your ad budget with our tailored strategies…

But that in the (unlikely) case we FAIL to deliver you’ll get: A FULL REFUND 

Let me ask you this:

How much money are you willing to keep LOSING on a monthly basis by NOT having a system like this in place?

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