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We’re the performance marketing team supporting founders, CMOs and driving consistent growth performance. We will guarantee a profitable ROI on our services. If we don’t get it, we don’t get paid. Putting you, your business, and your growth first.







Who Are We?

Brands just like yours have 2-5x their revenue, triple their ad budget while maintaining consistent growth with our help!

Competition and economy is cut-throat right now, so you need partner who actually cares about your business.

We are passionate about helping established driven brands scale.

We are obsessive about our clients results! Because without consistent performance – we can’t deliver you consistent growth.

Now some Traditional agencies have slick sales teams and fancy offices – but the actual work is often done by junior, inexperienced staff who don’t really care, or are overloaded.

How do I know? Because I worked at these agencies!

We’re different. A responsive team that feels like a seamless extension of your in-house team. AND we offer guarantee unlike most agencies!

Never again be left in the dark. You’ll receive detailed weekly strategic reports and actions based on data, so management can be fully aware of the progress we make.

The last agency you’ll ever have to hire. We actually give a damn about your business.

Looking For A Partner You Can Trust?

What’s trust without a guarantee? We’re so confident in getting results through our proven processes that if you don’t get any ROI from us, you don’t pay – no questions asked.

Scale with consistency? IOS 14/15 caused a lot of disruption. Through unique systems we’ve implemented for our partners we’ve still found ways to scale, even in today’s turbulent climate.

We Solve Real Online Business Problems

Expect breathtaking, jaw dropping results with Rozee Digital

$1.5 Million Increase In Revenue At 841.96% ROAS

“We hired Rozee Digital after our previous digital marketing agency was not meeting our goals. Our conversion rate has steadily increased and our ROAS continues to increase as well by over 2-5 times."
Katherine Redd
E-Com Marketing Director

$17.90 FB CPA Decrease, 108% Increase In ROAS & 72% In Revenue Within 30 Days

"We've had the best January that we've ever had, and I think that was definitely with your guys help. We was looking for an agency to act as a partner."
Co-Founder, Girl Tribe Co

86% Increase In Revenue Within 6 Months At 4x ROAS

"I would recommend working with Tom & Rozee Digital if you are looking to scale big!"

205% Increase In Revenue, 209.39% Increase In ROAS & $-51.78 In FB CPA

"You guys are going to do awesome!"

100% Increase In Revenue Within 6 Months At 8x ROAS

"The best ecommerce agency we have used and been with for 3 years."
Managing Director

33.19% Decrease In CPA & 163K Increase In Revenue Within 60 Days

"Tom and the team are not just an anonymous agency but are actually interested in our success. We enjoy working with them a lot."
Sebastian Geis

$10K To $50K Per Month During Covid

"Rozee Digital had the unenviable task of helping us navigate the eCommerce downturn from Covid, especially in the Travel Industry. The team was truly amazing in their approach and the results they drove."
Founder, Tach Luggage

Helping E-Commerce and Businesses
become the “Next Big Thing”

Trusted By Brands Large & Small

Worldclass ECommerce Marketing Services Ready To Scale Your Business!

We build Paid Social & Search campaigns that scale

Are you struggling to generate ROI with Paid Social & Search ads?

Our dedicated team of media buyers knows exactly how to drive more and higher-quality traffic to your eCommerce site to scale spend profitably and to achieve the best ROI.

We Optimise Your Website To Make Paid & Organic More Profitable

Struggling to improve the onsite experience, sell more, more often while trying to increase AOV?

If you’re buying traffic your cost-per-click has gone through the roof.

You need a reliable way to set your brand apart and convert more visitors at the highest average order value (AOV) possible.

We Make Direct response and UGC creatives

Tired of creatives that don’t increase ad performance?

From direct-response ads to Facebook feeds or TikTok Ads to Instagram, or Snapchat, every frame is crafted to propel your target audience from click-throughs to sales.

Okay Okay, Impressive Results BUT how are you different from Digital Marketing Agencies?

Look, we get it! Picking the right agency is a difficult choice…

Our team is limited to working with 20 brands MAX. This gives us more time to focus on higher levels of communication & have more of a direct impact to your bottom line result.

We are experts in helping e-commerce brands decrease customer acquisition costs, achieve online profitable growth and scale them with our unique solution for these specific problems.

The added benefit is we believe that working with us should feel like a true partnership where goals and incentives are completely aligned.

The only thing we care about in your business is your return on investment.

But it all starts with a call...

I’m Ready To Scale

Book your free growth strategy call today and together we will identify what you need to do to improve your brand sales right away! 

Not a sleazy sales call!

Why Choose Us To Be Your Little Dirty Secret

As an agency, your customers are our priority. We treat them as one of our own and we always do what’s best for your relationship with them. We’re focused on managing your budget with the correct level of oversight, as our priority is your revenue and your returns. We do this by focusing on the right metrics and KPIs that you need to grow your eCommerce business revenue and profit. When we say, you’re in good hands, we mean it.

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