How We Increased Bioglow Sales From $270K - $548K+ In 6 Months While Cutting Cost Per Purchase By 47%.

[Using Google & Facebook Ads and Conversion Rate Optimisation]

Read this case study if you are eCommerce store owner who lack consistency, feeling frustrated and exhausted because you are doing everything in the business.

Rozee Digital helped us to increase sales by 100% within 6 months while achieving 6.15x ROAS. I highly recommend Rozee Digital to others looking for help with their E-Commerce Growth!

Before Meeting Us

When we first meet Evgeny (Founder) back in Oct 2019, he told me that he felt trapped because Bioglow were unable to gain traction and generate positive returns from their Google & Facebook Ads to really help them scale their business and monthly revenue. 

After dealing with so-called “marketing agencies” that always overpromised but under-delivered claiming they will scale their business. Evgeny faced an issue in his business as it started to run him by demanding him to wear all the hats, all at the same time.

From marketing, to finance, to HR to fulfillment.

Evgeny knew that if we wanted his time/freedom back but also turn his advertising profitable, he would have to partner with a company that has his best interests at heart .

We decided to upgrade their advertising campaigns and looked at ways to boost their website conversion rate to help them scale-up.

The Problem

Bioglow has been through 4 different freelancers/marketing agencies, trying to get Facebook & Google ads to work, but never gotten a decent ROI.

Bioglow was struggling to find a predictable way to grow their business and profits after their paid advertising campaigns kept delivering low returns with Facebook & Google Ads.

With the increase in the competition, Bioglow couldn’t afford to keep running their advertising campaigns at a loss while losing market share to competitors.

Bioglow wanted to gain more control of their online advertising but their website was not delivering the results needed to turn the campaigns profitable, scale the campaigns and expand the business into new countries.

The company had a checkout process that was causing 98% of their sales issues.

Looking at the data Bioglow had an extremely high amount of customers abandoning the cart page due to the issues we found.

Bioglow needed to see positive returns before expanding into new countries.

The Solution To Their Poor Advertising Returns

We decided to increase the conversion rate of the website, so this will allow us to reduce the cost per purchase and to generate more sales with the same monthly advertising budget.

What We Did:

  • Google Ads audit
  • Facebook Ads audit
  • Website audit

We did this because we wanted to understand why the advertising campaigns were generating low returns and why the conversion rate was low.

Once completing the audits, we analysed the website using Google Analytics and Hotjar to understand the customer’s journey and to find what was causing people to leave the website without purchasing.

What We Discovered

Google Ads:

  • After auditing their Google Ads campaign, we found that their strategy was actually sending a lot of irrelevant traffic to the website, resulting in a high cost per purchase and low conversion rate.
  • The Google Shopping campaign was poorly managed with only half of the SKUs approved, missing out on users searching for his products, resulting in loss of sales and market share.

Facebook Ads:

  • After auditing their Facebook Ads campaign, we found that their campaign structure was not set up correctly causing high CPMs and CPA.
  • The creatives used were boring and wouldn’t stop the users scrolling on Facebook or Instagram.
  • We also found that their was no proper re-marketing funnel set up to target users left items in their cart.

Also, we found that the checkout process was not working correctly which contributed to low returns from Google and Facebook ads. As a result, they were missing the steady flow of hungry potential buyers that is essential to growing any online business.

How We Fixed These Issues To Give Bioglow The Sales They Needed To Expand and Grow.

We built them a reliable and predictable marketing funnel, focusing on sending relevant traffic to the website and concentrated on bringing new customers daily. 

Also, we focused on leveraging past customers to get them to come back and purchase again and again, without doing this they were leaving money on the table.  

Bioglow web development team also fixed the checkout issue that was causing the customers to abandon their shopping cart.

We optimised the purchase pathway, added cross-sell technology to increase the average order value, and incorporated social proof throughout the website and Facebook Ads. 

The Result

The redesign of Facebook & Google Ads campaign and website allowed Bioglow to scale their eCommerce sales.

  • Gained Back Market Share – Bioglow expanded into Europe and Ireland.
  • 100% Increase In Sales Within 6 Months from $270K – $548K.
  • WAY more sales due to the website conversion rate being increased by 90%.
  • Getting more sales with same monthly ad spend – Cost Per Purchase decreased by 47%.
  • Less work for Evgeny, the Founder… and a whole lot of relief! 

We will audit your current Facebook/Google ad account and give you a breakdown of exactly what needs to happen to scale your ads. Book in a call today for your FREE ad account audit.

First Month Results

Within the first month, we decreased ad spend by £1,989.89 while increasing revenue by £31,806.77. The biggest factor was solely down to decreasing the cost per purchase by £18.60.

This may seem impressive but the most important part is what happens after month 2, 3, 4 and so on…

Overall Results Since Working With Bioglow From Nov 2019

We will audit your current Facebook/Google ad account and give you a breakdown of exactly what needs to happen to scale your ads. Book in a call today for your FREE ad account audit.

♥️ THIS is what happens when you partner with a company that has your best interests at heart ​

Cosmetic Brand FB Results

Total Revenue Driven: $158,118.46

Avg ROAS: 4.37x

Breakeven ROAS: 1.75x

Growth Story Across: 5 months

We helped a customised product eCommerce store generate $1,003,850.83 while only spend $70,346.94 in 7 months averaging a ROAS of 14.27x

Apparel Brand saw an awesome end to the month, $22k spent and almost $200k generated with 8.4 return on ad spend.

Here is one of Bioglow Google Ads campaign generating £294,698.01 while only spending £28,909.75. 

Rozee Digital Results

Cosmetic Brand FB Results

Total Revenue Driven: $290,541.73

Avg ROAS: 6.76x

Breakeven ROAS: 2x

Growth Story Across: 5 months


We will audit your current Facebook/Google ad account and give you a breakdown of exactly what needs to happen to scale your ads. Book in a call today for your FREE ad account audit.

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When you have paid traffic campaigns running that are bringing in at least $100,000+ per month, the next step is to focus on profit maximization activities like Emails & SMS which can drive you more sales and help build a long-lasting brand.  

Scaling Your Online Store To 7 & 8 Figure Powerhouse

Once we have the campaign running smoothly, hitting our KPIs and we know that we have everything in place, it will be time to scale your eCommerce store to 7 & 8 figures. While focusing on conversion rate optimisation, ROAS and scaling sustainably and profitably.

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