Why Law Firms Need To Be Using Landing Pages For Their Paid Advertising Campaign

Benefits of using Landing pages with Google Ads

Your Google Ads landing page is your key chance to convince the customer to convert because you can have a clear call to action to get the users to take action like filling out a form or download a resource. You need high-quality landing pages to optimise conversion rates, and highly relevant pages will also lower your conversion costs.

With a landing page, you can have a super focused targeted message relating to the user’s search term that helps the landing page to be relevant to the user. They will know they arrived at the right place as the landing page will be speaking directly to them thus helping you get a better conversion rate.

Why Law Firms Should Use Landing Pages For Paid Advertising:

Okay okay, I know you are probably thinking why do I need a landing page if I got a website?

You probably spent hours writing the content for the website.

I also bet you spent thousands on building the website.

I totally understand…

But trust me on this one you need a dedicated landing page for each service you want to promote if you want to reduce the cost per conversion and acquisition so you can make more money.

5 BIG advantages of sending your paid traffic to your landing pages instead of your website:


1. A landing page helps you to be super relevant giving a better experience to the user.

Landing pages are often the first touch point a prospect has with your brand, so it’s vital you create a great first impression and deliver a great experience. Landing pages are the best tool for you to do just that.

Keep your message clear and consistent with your ad and landing page you will see greater conversions.

If your PPC ad is promoting a free consultation, your landing page should also feature a free consultation.

If a person is searching for “Divorce Solicitor in London” they click on your ad they expect to be shown a page that is highly relevant to the search they made. You want to quickly tell the prospect that they have landed at the right page and you can help them.

With any forms of paid advertising, you need to be speaking to your customers directly and quickly show them how you can help with there problem.

2. Stick To One Call To Action

The idea is that the more choices a person has, the harder it becomes to make a decision. When it comes to landing pages, you want to make your visitor’s decision to be as easy as possible by reducing the number of choices they can make.

To simplify your visitor’s choices, you should reduce your landing page’s attention ratio by limiting the number of things – buttons, links, photos, etc. – that pull your visitors’ attention away from the call to action.

A homepage may have an attention ratio of 50:1, depending on how many options a visitor has to navigate your site. There is probably a navigation menu at the top.

There is probably a phone number to call. You may also have a contact form. Then, below the fold, there may be more links. Links to service pages. Links to case results. Links to reviews. You get the idea. All of these links are vying for your visitors’ attention.

While they may be effective on a homepage, they will work against you on a landing page.

Conversely, your landing page should have an attention ratio of 1:1. No navigation. No outbound links. No media that pulls visitors away from your call to action.

3. Add Social Proof

Client reviews matter… a lot.

In fact, 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

About 83% of people will look at lawyer reviews online before hiring a lawyer, and 70% of people are willing to travel out of their way to see a lawyer with higher reviews.

Adding client reviews about your law firm from around the web on your landing page will provide the kind of validation potential law firm clients are looking for.

In turn, your landing page conversions will increase. After all, 72% of consumers will take action only after reading a positive review.

4. You will get a higher conversion rate and get more for your advertising budget.

You know when you provide a great customer experience that prospect is more likely going to use your service and come back to you again and again.

Well, the same goes for online advertising with your brand/firm. Using a landing page will help to create trust, show that you are an expert and position yourself as an authority in the local area.

The first thing you want the potential customer saying is:

“Wow, this law firm can help me”

You only have 5 seconds to do this…

A landing page is going to help you do this over your website as you can have a clear headline and few bullet points explaining your service with a clear call to action.

Sending a potential customer to your website is going to hurt your conversion rate because you don’t have a clear headline, bullet points or a call to action.

They will most likely say “can they help me?” or “am I on the right page?” or “I don’t see any reviews” Instantly the prospect doesn’t trust you and will click off your website and go to your competitors.

5. You will get more leads, cases, and grow your law firm’s revenue.

Creating a high-quality landing page you will see an increase in conversion rate and leads. This will help you generate more money as you will have more inquiries coming into the firm each and every month.

Using landing pages can help increase your conversion rate by at least 5%. This means you will have more phone calls and form submission coming into the firm.

With more leads coming into the business you can have a high potential of dealing with more cases.

Let us know what’s working for you (or not) in the comments below.

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